Party photography and Event Photography in Brisbane by Raving. Affordable coverage for all personal events such as birthday parties, engagement parties and documentary wedding photography.


Raving is a cooperative of professional photographers from Brisbane with existing portfolios with the equipment, experience and expertise to shoot your private event or wedding in Brisbane.

Photographers offer their services through Raving for discounted hourly rates, during their downtime or quiet periods.

Save hundreds or thousands of dollars off the normal price for professional event and wedding photography by booking a Raving photographer today for your next event.


At the minimum. each Raving photographer must have the following:

  • At least one years full-time experience shooting events, or equivalent part-time.

  • Current public liability insurance $15’000’000 or greater.

  • A full-frame professional standard camera and second backup camera (Canon 5D series or equivalent from Nikon or Sony) both prepared for immediate usage with charged batteries and extra batteries as required.

  • The ability to shoot to two memory cards simultaneously for continuous and automatic backup of your photos.

  • A backup process that backs up your photos to at least separate locations the same day of the event (normally USB hard drives or memory cards).

  • Wet weather gear and the ability to shoot in light rain if required.

  • At least one medium zoom lens such as at 24-105MM or 24-70MM and one long lens such as a 70-200MM. This ensures that most focal lengths can be covered at most events (except sporting events).