Why is Raving photography so cheap?

We have identified a market in Brisbane for cheap wedding, party and event photography that is not compromised in terms of the reliability of equipment, delivery timeframes and overall technical quality.

Traditional event and wedding photography can often involve considerable planning and preparation to find suitable portrait and group photo locations. We take all photography in situation at the event, so we do not need to scope out locations beforehand.

We also offer different pricing tiers that compromise in certain areas, in order to offer a lower price. We can for example offer your gallery either watermarked or not. For many of our clients a watermarked photo is actually preferred because it shows that the photos were taken by a professional and therefore adds value (while costing less!).

The other area where you can significantly reduce the costs is in regards to the number of photos delivered. Many clients don’t need or want 50 or 100 photos per hour of wedding or event coverage, so they choose our HIGHLIGHTS only pricing tier so save even more.

We are able to deliver these photos with considerably less editing time, meaning the overall cost is less.

Does your pricing include photo editing?

Yes all pricing includes editing the deliverable number of photos from raw files (we do not shoot to JPEG in camera).

What cameras and equipment do you shoot with?

We shoot only with Canon 5D or 1D professional cameras such as Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 55 Mark IV etc. Our minimum requirement for a camera body is a Canon 5D Mark III.

We use only Canon L series lenses or Sigma Art Series. We do not use consumer grade lenses, or APS-C cameras. We do however use zoom lenses most of the time, for ultimate flexibility. Common lenses include the Canon 24-70MM f2.8, Canon 24-105MM f4 and Sigma Art Series 50MM.

As most of the weddings we attend have less than 50 people attending, we do not require longer lenses such as the Canon 70-200MM.

How are the photos colour graded?

Photos are colour graded with our proprietary Lightroom presets that have been specifically designed for fun family events like weddings, birthday parties and social events. This look is sharp, contrasty and colourful and works great for both daytime and night time photography (with or without flash).

Can I choose the 25 photos per hour in the highlights coverage?

Your photographer must choose the highlights photos, as to do any other way would not be practical. You may however, upgrade your package to all photos after you see the highlights!

How reliable are Raving photographers?

Raving is run by the wife of an independent, full-time professional photographer in Brisbane (Yayun). As we have a number of photographers on our books, we if a photographer is sick or unable to attend your event due to an emergency, we will attempt to find a replacement as soon as possible. At the time of writing this FAQ page, we have never not been able to provide a photographer as booked.

For further peace of mind (particularly for weddings) you may want to consider hiring two Raving photographers (especially for the ceremony and other important periods during your wedding).

What is a watermarked photo?

You can save 10% off our already very affordable rates by choosing coverage that includes photos with watermarks. A watermark is a small, semi-transparent overlay of the Raving logo and website address in the bottom right hand corner of the photo. You can also choose to not have watermarks on your photos.

What is a Facebook preview?

Within 24 hours of the event finishing, we will upload the highlights of the event (25 photos per hour) to Facebook with watermarks. This encourages guests, family and friends to share these photos rather than their own camera phone photos which may not be as sharp and detailed (especially in low light situations).

Will I receive high quality digital photos?

Yes all coverage includes high quality (3600 pixels) photos which are uploaded to Dropbox, with a link sent through within 48 hours of the event finishing.

How are Raving photographers dressed?

We dress casually which means plain and simple jeans, and white polo shirts and black sneakers. We are unable to wear formal or semi-formal clothing at weddings, as photographers may shoot more than one event per day and cannot ‘dress to the occasion’.